Outsourcing to the Philippines: Filipinos Providing Quality Business Outsourcing Solutions

In many parts of the world, you would be able to find Filipinos who are working their butts off just to provide food and financial sustenance for their families in the Philippines. As long as they get a good pay and is able to stay under a roof, these dedicated workers will not let you down. But every foreign employer knows how hard working Filipinos are and it’s just one percent of describing them. Let us find out why lots of foreign companies outsource to the Philippines than to other countries.
The Philippines is the home to 90 million headstrong Filipinos. Almost 70% percent of this population is born from families who are not able to have 3 meals a day, with no formal homes and are unable to go to schools. With this in mind, every Filipino father and or mother wishes a better life to their family and finds overseas work to be able to fulfill these dreams. This trend created a nationwide phenomenon in finding jobs abroad rather than stays at home and finds a job within the country.
In the 2000s, particularly after 2007, an industry was born and it created a neo-nationwide wave that had given the job seekers the chance of working within the confines of their motherland. This wave is what we call, Business Process Outsourcing. This industry renders business outsourcing solutions to foreign companies or individuals where they employ to work as third party contractual workers. The trend brought Philippines more coming investments and income.
Along with Philippines, India also surfaced to join the fray but the Philippines came out on top to claim the number one spot in becoming the country with most BPO workers.
To answer the question why from above is simple: the Filipinos have qualities that other foreign nationalities don’t have. Some of the qualities that the Filipinos have that foreigners don’t or little have are: dedication to work, efficient working ethics and providing high quality output. Their drive to give their family a better life and a reverent spirit keeps them balanced in working hard and avoiding resorting to bad methods. They are not cheaters when it comes to work and will try to finish the task smoothly and quickly.
The Filipinos are not the perfect people in the world. But, their positive working attitudes and core values make them one of the most lovable people and workers in the world.
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