Web Developer

A web developer specializes in creating and maintaining websites, specially customized for clients that work in specific ways. These specifications are important depending on what kind of website the client is requesting. BPO Outsourcing Remote's web developers are creative professionals that know how to cater the demands of the client.


The duties and responsibilities of a web dev does not only involve in creativity and artistic aspects. They are also responsible for the technicalities of the web they develop. Clients can expect that our web developers are flexible enough to meet their standards. They are proficient to work in various scripting languages that accommodate what the client wants in their website.


Listed below are in-depth duties of a web developer

  • Basic graphic designing
  • Develop new and working web applications as per clients specifications
  • Uses various types of packaged applications and customized applications
  • Develops database management systems and interfaces
  • Ensures optimization and functionality of the website. It should be user interactive friendly when site visitors come.
  • Collaborates with clients and managers as well as other team members for the website content and assist them in establishing the development of the website.
  • Implying an utilization of search engine strategies
  • Updates, refreshes and remediates problems of the content of the website